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As the stores on here will perform a credit check on you before they offer you the free credit, we have found that a lot of people benefit from getting access to their credit report and rating before they apply in order to confirm there're no major issues. Some may also want to access their credit report after a failed application for interest free credit. Though it may by then be too late or delay the process when fixing any issues with your rating or report. These issues can be as small as wrong house or flat number, or even an old lodger or partner still listed on your address.

How to get a free credit report online?

The quickest and easiest way to get your free credit report, is to click on the CreditExpert promotional banner below, or just click here for free 1 month Credit Expert trial.

Credit Expert is the UKs No1 online consumer credit monitoring service brought to you by Experian, a company used by many companies, banks and credit card issuers to check your credit score. CreditExpert will also help you manage what's on your report, making sure the information it contains is up to date and accurately reflects your current situation. You can have a look at your report for free with their 1-month free trial.

The trial gives you:
  • The opportunity to review your credit history before you apply for credit
  • Unlimited on line access to your Experian credit report
  • Advice from their credit report specialists
  • View your current Experian credit score
  • Identity Fraud Legal Costs Insurance and weekly text or email alerts for potential identity fraud detection
*Monthly fee applies after free trial period. New Customers only.
Monthly fee following the FREE 30 day trial is now £14.99.

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