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Free Credit Stores By Category

Want to shop but need "free" credit?

Like shopping but no credit?
  • Feeling the effects of the credit crunch?

  • No credit or credit card?

  • Want to buy now but defer payment?

  • Like to pay no interest on purchases?
Credit or Money worries?

Why not "Buy Now and Pay Later" ... Totally Interest FREE

Yes, it is possible to do your online shopping without paying anything up-front at the UK stores listed on here. In addition these stores will charge no interest as long as you make your payment in full before the end date of the free interest term. The actual finance terms and lenghts will differ slightly between those credit shops, so we will give some examples below:

Example 1 (e.g. Choice, Empire Stores)
Minimum order value: £100
Free credit term: 1 year
Payment: end of term

On an order of £1,200 this means:
You pay now: £0
You pay before end of 1 year: £1,000
Total interest charged: £0
Shop on Interest Free Credit Example 2 (e.g. Freemans)
Minimum order value: £500
Free credit term: 1 year
Payment: monthly

On an order of £1,200 this means:
You pay now: £0
You pay monthly 12 times: £100
Total intrest charged: £0
Please note though that if the payments are not made within the specified free credit terms (either monthly or at the end) interest will be charged on the remaining balance. I.e. the credit will only be free if you make the full payment before the end of the term (as per axample 1) or the miimum monthly payments (as per example 2). A few stores also require a deposit. You can easily compare the free interest credit terms between all stores here (though always make sure you check the finance options section on their websites as well before shopping as they sometimes changes).

Top UK Free Credit Shops

Here're the most popular free credit stores in the UK. You can view all credit stores here or browse them by category on the left.

Store NameInterest Free Credit PeriodStore Link to get Credit
Free Credit at Argosup to 12 months on selected items
up to 6 months for purchases over £199
up to 3 months for purchases over £99
up to 59 days with normal Argos credit card plan on other items
Get Store Credit at Argos
Free Credit at BE Direct1 year on any orderGet Store Credit at BE Direct
Free Credit at Bensons for Bedsup to 36 monthsGet Store Credit at Bensons for Beds
Free Credit at DFSup to 4 yearsGet Store Credit at DFS
Free Credit at Freemans12 months for balances over £500
5 months for balances under £500
Get Store Credit at Freemans
Free Credit at Furniture VillageStart from 6 months for orders over £400
up to 36 months for orders over £2,400
Get Store Credit at Furniture Village
Free Credit at Goldsmithsupto 36 monthsGet Store Credit at Goldsmiths
Free Credit at Jessops6 months for orders over £250
12 months for purchases over £800
Get Store Credit at Jessops
Free Credit at La Redouteup to 52 daysGet Store Credit at La Redoute
Free Credit at Oak Furniture Land24 months for orders over £1,500
36 months for orders over £2,500
Get Store Credit at Oak Furniture Land
Free Credit at SCS Sofasup to 4 yearsGet Store Credit at SCS Sofas
Free Credit at Vertbaudetupto 52 daysGet Store Credit at Vertbaudet
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What can I buy interest free?

The short answer is "about anything you want", as the product range of the stores on here covers most needs. Obviously some items are more popular when it comes to shopping on intrest free credit. These include more expensive items such as furniture, sofas, TVs, laptops, jewellery, washing machines, cameras, dishwashers, fridge freezers, cookers and games consoles (i.e. Sony PS3, Nintendo Wii or X-Box 360). Please note though that some shops have a minimum order value for free credit and 0% intrest to become available, though that's normally not very high (e.g. £50).

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